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Looking for an SEO consultant in Jaipur for your startup, business or marketing agency? Connect with me and see your organic traffic growing, exponentially!


Welcome to my SEO consultancy services, I am Upendra Goswami, a professional SEO consultant in Jaipur and I provide consultancy to businesses to help them increase their search engine traffic and keyword rankings. 

Need of an SEO Consultant for businesses

With the advancement in AI and internet penetration, search engine is becoming an integral part of a buyer’s journey. This advancement has brought immense opportunities for businesses of all kinds to adopt and grow in this digital era using search engine, social media and other internet technologies to meet their prospective buyers. An SEO consultant Jaipur guides you through this by designing and helping you execute the tasks to your grow your organic traffic. 


SEO Consultant Jaipur Services Include

SEO Consultant in Jaipur

Know your website's health & other organic traffic checkpoints you have been missing.

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Get a monthly content plan and calendar for your website's content marketing needs.

best SEO consultancy in Jaipur

Get user-experience & user-interface recommendations to boost website speed & conversions.

who is the best SEO consultant in Jaipur

Get a list of most profitable and ROI-driven keywords for your SEO campaign.

best SEO consultant in Jaipur

Spy on your competitor's SEO strategy and outrank them with the best SEO consultant in Jaipur.

SEO consultancy in Jaipur

Our SEO services in Jaipur comes with a money back guarantee.

SEO Consultant in Jaipur With Guaranteed Ranking Services

Globally Recognized SEO Consultancy Services

I am a Jaipur SEO consultant helping brands from all around the globe to become Google's most favorite!

SEO Consultancy Jaipur Packages

Check out my SEO consultancy prices in Jaipur


This is an 1-on-1 SEO consultancy session
600 /hour
  • Online Consultancy
  • Answer to your questions
  • Notes
  • SEO Tips
  • SEO Tasks
  • Competitor analysis
for individuals


Weekly SEO sessions at your business
3939 Monthly
  • Online/offline
  • Anywhere in Jaipur
  • 1-5 hours session
  • Team Session
  • SEO Task Sheet
  • Free Website Audit

Consultancy + Training

Take advice and learn on the way.
9898 Once
  • Online Classes/Sessions
  • Complete SEO Training
  • SEO Task Sheets
  • Rank Monitoring Tool
  • 1 month course
  • SEO tools
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