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I am Upendra Goswami, a content marketing and SEO expert in India. I have helped 100s of businesses  around the globe to achieve their business goals through my SEO freelancer services on platforms like Fiverr, Truelancer, Linkedin and at my full-stack digital agency, Entirety Web Solutions.

Upendra Goswami

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Why your Business Needs a Freelancer SEO Expert in India ?

No matter if you are a baker, tutor, doctor, artist or an e store entrepreneur think about where most people turn to when they have questions or want information. Google! It has become nature for individuals to search for what they need. As a Expert SEO Freelancer in India my primary goal is to ensure that your business becomes discoverable when potential customers search for the services/products or anything else related to your business.

Free Traffic

Good SEO means increasing organic (FREE) traffic unlike other search marketing techniques like PPC(google ads) where you pay for every single click/user.

Lifetime Authority

If done correctly keeping the latest search core updates, SEO builds a lifetime authority of your site.

Builds Trust

SEO builds trust and credibility by helping you achieve top positions for the most searched keywords by your prospective customers on Google, which is the most visited website in the world and also dominates the search engine market share by 92.08% as in July 2023.

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Hiring the best SEO freelancer India may not be easy as¬† everyone is claiming to be the ‘best’ SEO service provider of India, We promise clear goals, transparent work, regular reporting and a continuous traffic and ranking improvement.

Time Targeted SEO Service

Gone are the days when everything was slow in SEO and took months to rank. With the advancement of AI, SEO and marketing has also evolved. As an expert SEO freelancer, I have make sure to use Artificial Intelligence for “speeding up” lengthy and time consuming SEO tasks and deliver the results faster than ever.¬†

Low Cost

Low cost ROI-Driven, nothing comes low cost in today’s fast and evolving digital landscape. We never claim to be the cheapest SEO provider, but We drive return on every rupee you will spend.¬†

Awards and Certificates that make us the best SEO experts in India

We never stop learning, among the endless number of certifications, showcasing the latest ones here.

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Either you want to learn SEO from the best SEO expert in India, need consultations or to hire for SEO services in India for your business. 


Want to make a career in SEO or need tips for your on-going project? My one2one SEO course is made for you!


Get guided by team of expert SEO consultant in India and perform basic SEO for your business on your own or accelerate your teams SEO growth.


Hire top SEO specialist in India for your project and witness it growing like a charm. 

Local SEO Services

Harness the power of search for your local business with our local SEO experts in India and Rank #1 on google my business on your relevant and near me keywords. if you were looking for SEO companies near me and found our website, this is because we outrank all our competitors in Local SEO.

Android App SEO

Lost your android app in the ocean of google play store? Let you and your customers find your app in top positions on your keywords with our android app SEO services India.  

YouTube SEO

We are proudly the voted best SEO professionals in India for YouTube SEO services. If you are a blogger or a business wanting to leverage YouTube, this service is for you.

International SEO

Based in India but want to establish and grow your business in international market? Choose our International SEO expert services in India and go global.

eCommerce SEO

Specialized in eCommerce SEO and an experience of over a decade make us the best choice for eCommerce SEO freelancer in ndia . 

SEO Content Marketing

If you searched for SEO expert near me and found me on Google, you also need content marketing and SEO services.

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The local business market is growing in India. Numerous local businesses are seeking guidance. Guess what? An SEO specialist in India could be the solution for them. This is where we step in! We are truly enthusiastic about assisting businesses in establishing an presence. So if you’re interested, in navigating the digital business landscape of India alongside an SEO expert lets have a conversation and make it a reality!

Upendra Goswami

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What makes us the top SEO Experts in India?

SEO Consultant in India with 7+ years of experience in working as an Digital Marketer in Jaipur for globally recognized brands and managing my full-stack SEO agency, Entirety! 

Our SEO audits, analysis, reports and experiments are professionally tested, qualified and trusted by google. 

ROI-driven SEO freelancer in India is focused on delivering maximum results to clients in terms of return on investment (ROI). This involves understanding the client’s business goals and creating targeted SEO strategies that drive traffic, increase leads, and improve conversions. They use data analysis, keyword research, and optimization techniques to improve website rankings and drive more relevant visitors to the site.

With a variety of SEO packages tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, Upendra Goswami can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed in today’s competitive online marketplace.

From keyword research and on-page optimization to link building and content creation, SEO EXPERT INDIA has the expertise and experience required to boost your website’s search engine rankings and attract more visitors to your site. So if you want to stay ahead of the competition and achieve your online goals, contact us today and learn more about his affordable SEO freelancer packages in India.

Me and my team are not the people who got into the industry for making money. WE LOVE MARKETING and SEO is our specialty. 

I am an SEO expert working on completely White-hat SEO. I believe in the power of relevant content, manual backlinks, authority link building and community engagement. GOOGLE LOVE WHAT I DO!

Real-time keyword ranking tool, I will provide you with a real-time keyword ranking tool designed by us to track your rankings in real-time anytime on your mobile device or desktops. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below given are some of the most frequently questions from SEO Expert India – Upendra Goswami

The primary author of the content on our website is Upendra Goswami, a Computer Science Engineer by degree and a professional SEO Expert, Author and founder of a full-stack Digital marketing agency with specialized courses and certifications in content marketing and SEO from recognized institutions such as Semrush Academy and Quibus Trainings Jaipur.

Upendra has been in the digital marketing industry since 2016 and has a rich portfolio of work across multiple roles and organizations.

Each client has a unique digital footprint, target audience, and business goals. Upendra Goswami, with his extensive experience in the field since 2016, follows a personalized approach for every client. Starting with a thorough analysis of the client’s current SEO standing, competitors’ analysis, and understanding the industry nuances, he crafts a tailor-made strategy. His training, including courses from Semrush Academy and the Integrated Digital Marketing and SEO Specialization Courses , equips him to devise solutions that cater precisely to the client’s objectives and audience, ensuring maximum ROI.

Upendra Goswami holds several esteemed credentials and certifications, including:

Upendra’s expertise has been recognized on multiple platforms. He has been mentioned as an SEO expert on vocso.com and as a top content writing service provider in Jaipur by goodfirms.co. He also maintains a professional profile at tradersunion.com.

Upendra is also the director and business head at Entirety Web Solutions, which is a govt of India authorized digital marketing agency! 


In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, continuous adaptation is key. Upendra Goswami, leveraging his vast experience and ongoing education, ensures that our SEO services stay ahead of the curve. By constantly analyzing the latest core algorithm updates, industry trends, and technological advancements, we make necessary adjustments to our strategies. Our client-specific monthly reviews and feedback sessions further help in fine-tuning our approach, ensuring we consistently deliver results that align with our clients’ growth objectives and market dynamics.

Users are encouraged to connect directly with Upendra for any queries, feedback, or suggestions. Our commitment to transparency and open dialogue ensures we maintain a strong bond with our readers and clients. You can also fill up your details below or use the contact information provided

Govt. Certifications and Recognitions

Hey there! We've got some exciting news! We're officially certified and approved by the Government of India for our SEO services. ūüéČ So, when we say we're here to boost your online presence, we've got the credentials to back it up.